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PREVIEW: Meet The Khans - Big In Bolton, BBC Three

World boxing champion Amir Khan and his American influencer wife Faryal let us in to their crazy, fabulous and fast-paced family life in their beloved Bolton home.

Episode One: Faryal escapes the chaos at home for some influencer work and leaves Amir to look after the kids. The couple discuss making headlines and reflect on their past over a rare date night.

Episode Two: In Bolton, Faryal seeks therapy to address their relationships issues and past cheating allegations, whilst Amir plans a not-so-surprise birthday party for her in Dubai.

Episode Three: Faryal receives makeup samples & Amir gives the Bolton lads a wedding hall tour. Business calls in Mayfair as they commissions a glitzy piece of art & Amir mentors a future boxer.

Episode Four: Amir opens up about how not fighting has impacted his mental health. Faryal receives a shocking business proposal and seeks support after an influx of trolling abuse online.

Episode Five: The couple clash at home before a big family trip to New York. Back in Bolton it’s ‘new hair who dis’ for Faryal before an emotional chat about Amir’s plans for one last dance.

Episode Six: Amir puts a pause on training for a quick trip to Dubai for some holiday home shopping. Back in Bolton, the wedding hall is causing more headache and Amir fears the worst.

Episode Seven: Faryal has big plans for her makeup launch. Will Amir sign his first pro-boxing client? It’s bittersweet on Zaviyar’s 1st Birthday, as they receive devastating news about Amir’s mum.

Episode Eight: Off to Dubai as the Khans buy a holiday home, some big news breaks, Faryal freaks about not having a dress for the awards and Amir hangs out with some soccer superstars.

Meet The Khans: Big In Boulton begins Monday 28th March at 10:45pm on BBC One, with all episodes available the same day on BBC Three.

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