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PREVIEW: Max Clifford: The Fall Of The Tabloid King, Channel 4

For over 20 years, publicist Max Clifford was the self-appointed arbiter of right and wrong.

He launched the careers of countless stars and had a celebrity client list that included the likes of Simon Cowell and Jade Goody. Clifford buried secrets and sold kiss-and-tells that ruined the careers of some of the most powerful people in the UK. All this made Clifford a hugely influential man who was rarely off our TV screens.

But in 2014 he was jailed as part of Operation Yewtree's investigations into historic sex crimes. For the first time, the survivors of Clifford's crimes, women who were as young as 15 when he abused them, tell the story of the real Max Clifford - of the secret life he tried to bury, and the awful impact he had on their lives.

For these women, their eventual day in court proved to be empowering, but they still carry the scars of the trauma. This feature-length documentary tells their story alongisde explosive revelations about Clifford and the industry that kept his secret for decades.

Many of these revelations are narrated by Clifford himself, through audio recordings that have never previously been heard and that were made by his biographer Angela Levin, who also appears in the film alongside several Fleet Street insiders

Max Clifford: The Fall Of The Tabloid King airs Monday 01st March at 9pm on Channel 4.


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