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Comedian Nish Kumar has quit his role as host of Late Night Mash, formerly The Mash Report.

In a video posted on social media, Nish said: "I’ve loved being part of this show but I’ve made the difficult decision to step down and spend more time with my emotional problems...

"Thank you to everyone at Dave, everyone who worked on the show and especially everyone who watched it. It’s been the longest I’ve ever stayed at a job, mainly because the uniform is better than Croydon WH Smith."

Also posting online, Nish added: "I want to thank the BBC for commissioning the show and Dave for saving it. And thanks to everyone who worked on the show - it truly was a labour of love. For us all...

"When we started in 2017 we were told a show like this wouldn't work on British TV. The fact that it has is the result of the talent and hard work of everyone involved in making the show. Most importantly, thanks for watching. Mash forever."

The was originally aired on BBC Two, before moving to UKTV's Dave in 2021.

UKTV declined to comment on the future of the series without Nish Kumar.

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