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Sky have commissioned Honey Bee and Freshwater Films to produce Ross Kemp: Mafia And Britain (w/t) (5x60'), to air on Sky History in 2024.


The series will see Ross Kemp investigate and exposing Britain’s deep-rooted links with the mafia, dating as far back as the 1920s. He will start his journey in London in 1982, where the body of the so-called ‘God’s Banker’, Roberto Calvi, was discovered under Blackfriars Bridge with his pockets stuffed full of foreign currency from all over the world.

From there Kemp will embark on an odyssey to New York, Italy, Colombia, and Spain, before arriving back in London, to reveal the intricate path of the mafia’s involvement with Britain over nearly a century.

On his travels, he will be speaking with those closest to mafia bosses, top organised crime investigators, and some who have been affected by their crimes. Kemp will use this knowledge to trace the complex network of money, drugs, and criminals, in and out of the UK, creating a historical map and timeline to reveal how the mafia has quietly and effectively inveigled its way into the heart of Britain’s underworld.

Ross Kemp said, “I’m looking forward to taking viewers into unchartered territory as we discover the relationship between Britain and one of the most notorious organised crime groups in the world, the mafia.”

Dan Korn, VP of Programming said, “I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified than Ross to expose Britain’s secret links to The Mafia. The series lifts the lid on the UK’s shocking connection to one of the world’s most mysterious and notorious crime families.”

Executive Producer Ed Taylor commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Ross, A+E Networks and GroupM Motion Entertainment once again. The history of Britain’s relationship with the mafia has never been fully explored before – it’s a highly compelling story that both shocks and surprises.

Ross Kemp: Mafia and Britain will air on Sky History in 2024.


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