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Joanna Lumley has revealed she's set to film another ITV travel series later this year.

The untitled series, which has not been formally announced by ITV, will see the star travel the Danube river, stopping off at the countries it flows through including Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia,

Lumley said (via The Sun): "We’re due to travel in the late spring of 2024 and it’s incredibly exciting. We’re due to head across a part of the world with which I’m not that familiar at all, and across all the countries through which the Danube flows."

Her last series, which aired on ITV last Summer, saw the star journey through the world’s greatest spice continents to discover the rich tapestry of flavours and cultures which have shaped our world.

Touring Indonesia, Zanzibar, India and Madagascar, Joanna explores the centuries-old spice trade in this brand new four-part series of discovery. Joanna Lumley set off on one her most epic voyages yet. A journey through the world’s greatest spice continents.

Joanna Lumley's previous travel series are available to stream on ITVX.

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