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PREVIEW: Lucy, The Human Chimp, Channel 4

The incredible story of a female chimpanzee raised as a human; and the woman who tried to give her freedom by living together in the wild.

Their strong emotional bond offers a fascinating study of what unites and also divides humans from apes. In 1960s America, chimpanzee Lucy was raised as a human in a radical experiment devised by a psychology professor from the University of Oklahoma.

From two days old, Lucy lived in the professor's comfortable family home as if she was his human daughter. But as Lucy grew large and dangerous, she was sent to Africa to learn to be a wild chimp, accompanied by a young student called Janis Carter. Janis and Lucy arrived in The Gambia in 1977.

As Lucy struggled to adapt, the pair needed to separate, but were in fact drawn closer than ever. Choosing to stay with Lucy, Janis gave up her life in America, living more like a chimp to show Lucy how to exist in the wild. Through years of hardship and setbacks, Janis persevered on a remote uninhabited island. Until Lucy began to change.

Lucy, The Human Chimp airs Monday 19th April at 9pm on Channel 4.

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