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Here's a rundown of what happens on tonight's episode of Love Island, which continues on ITV2 and ITVX.


As Ronnie explores connections with both Harriett and Jess he continues to keep his cards close to his chest.

It appears Ronnie’s inability to make a firm decision has left Jess less than impressed.

Jess asks Ronnie: “Did you say to Harriett that last night in bed you were thinking of her all night?”

Ronnie responds: “No.”

Jess intejects: “Well she’s just said to me that's what you said.”

Ronnie assures Jess as he explains: “I said I look up and you’re opposite me.”

Jess replies: “This is what I’m saying Ron, she’s lying.”

Jess has an ultimatum for Ronnie as she makes it clear she needs to know where his heart lies as she says: “I want times and dates of when you’re going to make your decision…I need to know tomorrow.”

The following day Ronnie and Harriett catch up in the garden as she too wants to know where his head is as she explains: “I think you need to decide Ronnie.”

Ronnie quips back: “Deadline day.”

Ronnie has a question for Harriett as he asks: “Did you miss me last night sleeping?”

Heading to the Beach Hut to gather his thoughts, Ronnie admits: “My head is still scrambled eggs.”

As deadline day approaches will Ronnie pull the right result out of the bag?


Having shared a secret kiss on the terrace last night Ayo and Mimii catch up the following morning.

Ayo says: “I do love kissing you and cuddling you in bed…but to be fair to Uma as well, if I’m still getting to know the girls, if I am kissing you I think that’s unfair as I am not giving you both the same energy as I said I would.”

Ayo continues: “Me telling you this doesn't mean I am leaning towards one way more than the other, it means I am levelling the playing field, so you both understand where I am at with things.”

What will Mimii make of Ayo’s decision to keep his options open?

Later that evening Samantha asks Ayo if he kissed Mimii on the terrace, will he be honest and what implications will his actions have on his connection with Uma?


As night falls over the Villa, Ronnie receives a text.

The message reads: “Can all Islanders gather around the firepit immediately.”

Unbeknownst to the Islanders their fate lies in the hands of the public as Harriett receives another message informing the Villa that: “The public have been voting for their favourite couple.”

All is not as it seems as another shock twist is revealed.

Love Island airs Sun-Fri at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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