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Loud: An Adam Lambert Documentary (working title) is a 60 minute documentary where we see Adam exploring the history of Queer artists in the music industry.

Superstar and Grammy nominated artist Adam Lambert will open up about his phenomenal music success and the barriers he has faced as an openly gay man in the music industry.

In this exposing one off documentary we follow Adam on this journey as he discovers jaw-dropping revelations as he speaks to some of the UK’s biggest pop icons from the LGBTQ+ community.

He digs deep into their own personal experiences and explores what it means to be out, as well as discussing what their music has meant to the community.

Adam became runner up in Pop Idol 2009 and, four years later, he was the first openly gay artist to top the U.S billboard album chart with his second album. Adam delves deep to uncover the realities of the British LGBTQ+ experience compared to his own experience in the US, and sets out to uncover how being queer has impacted the careers of his favourite British music artists.

Adam Lambert said: “LGBTQ+ representation in the music industry has increased significantly over the last decade. It’s a pleasure to work with ITV and the Lifted Entertainment team in creating a documentary exploring the intersection of music and Pride as well as some incredible LGBTQ+ artists embracing their authentic selves and the impact they’ve had on pop culture and the obstacles queer artists have faced.”

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning ITV said: “We are thrilled to have Adam on board to give us his first-hand experience of the music industry. He will bring important issues to our attention as he discusses the difficulties often faced by the LGBTQ+ community in the entertainment business and I’m fascinated to hear what he discovers.”

Richard Cowles, Managing Director, Lifted Entertainment said: “We’re delighted that ITV have commissioned Lifted to make two programmes, each fronted by a music legend. Adam Lambert’s documentary will be a fascinating look at how much the LGBTQ+ community has contributed to the music industry.”

More details will be announced in due course.


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