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ITVX launch a brand new action packed, adrenalised reality game show Loaded In Paradise.

This high-octane new format will see party loving pairs island hop across Greece’s Aegean Islands in a race to take control of - and spend - 50,000 euros.

The series starts with five pairs and a gold card loaded with cash to spend on the wildest trip of their lives. However, only one lucky pair can be in control at any time.

For this pair it’s simple, live their best life on the run but don’t get caught! Meanwhile, everyone else will be trying to hunt them down and take control of the card.

The cash card will be loaded up with a fresh cash injection daily, so the spenders can live it up and spend, spend, spend. At the end of each 48-hour chase, a luxury safehouse will open and everyone will reconvene.

Dotted across the Aegean islands, these amazing and luxurious hubs will allow viewers to see the drama and fallout of the chase as they all come together. On the final leg of the chase, there’ll be a big twist as everyone chases the gold card one last time.

The new series will premiere on ITVX, and will later be broadcasted on ITV2.

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