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There are some new arrivals at the Villa today as the Islanders’ family and friends pay them a special visit. Up first are Zach and Molly’s families as Zach’s mum Kirsty and sister Snoochie head to the terrace with Molly’s mum Janet and dad David to surprise the Islanders.

Molly and Zach are left stunned at the sight of their families. Molly and Zach catch up with their families and Zach says: “I’m worried about meeting them two.”

Zach soon heads over to the fire pit to meet Molly’s parents with his mum and sister. But Molly’s dad says: “Can we just have a quick chat? Me and you.”

What questions will Molly’s dad have for Zach? And do their families approve of their relationship?

Next up is Ella B’s mum Joanne and best friend Caz, and Mitch’s mum Debbie and dad Martyn.

Mitch heads to the terrace with his mum and dad. Speaking about Ella B, Mitch’s dad says: “I’ve seen her true self now and she’s lovely.”

Meanwhile, Ella B is talking about her journey with Mitch, with her mum and best friend on the day beds. Ella B says: “Obviously he didn’t deal with it in the best way.”

Ella B’s mum agrees: “No, he didn’t.”

Mitch and Ella B’s families soon come together. Speaking to Ella B, Mitch’s mum says: “When you came in, we weren’t actually sure.”

Has Ella B convinced Mitch’s mum of her intentions now?

It’s now time for Whitney and Lochan’s family to pay them a visit. Whitney’s mum Olatoun and sister Lizzy enter the Villa alongside Lochan’s mum Kulminder and dad Simon.

Speaking about Lochan, Whitney’s mum says: “I like him. He’s real.”

Meanwhile, speaking about Whitney, Lochan's mum says: “As a woman, I really like her because she’s strong, confident and ambitious.”

Whitney’s sister asks her: “Are you and Lochan closed off?

Whitney says: “No.”

Whitney’s sister says: “Wait, what?”

But as the families come together, Whitney’s sister pulls Lochan for a chat together.

What questions will Whitney’s sister have for Lochan?

Shortly after, Abi’s mum Jill and dad Chris arrive at the Villa alongside Scott’s mum Kim and sister Steph.

Speaking on the day beds with her mum and dad, Abi says: “I’ve had a bit of an experience.”

Speaking about Scott, Abi’s mum says: “I really like him.”

Abi says: “I’m having problems with it. I’m really struggling with it because he’s really not affectionate. I feel like he doesn’t like me.”

Abi’s mum says: “He is a lovely guy and he’s really sticking up for you, he’s thinking about you and cares for you.”

Meanwhile, speaking to his mum and sister, Scott says: “There’s something not there at the moment.”

Will Scott reveal his doubts as he sits down with Abi’s mum and dad?

Up next is Jess’s mum Sarah and step-dad Graham accompanied by Sammy’s mum Emma and dad Martin.

Giving her opinion on Jess, Sammy’s mum says: “She’s lovely. I think she’s great.”

Both Jess and Sammy reveal to their families they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Speaking about Sammy, Jess’s mum says: “He seems like a nice guy.”

Jess asks: “What are the girls thinking of him? Do they like him?”

Jess’s mum says: “I’m not really sure at the moment.”

How will Jess feel about her friends’ reservations?

Last up to enter the Villa is Ella’s mum Maggie and sister Monica followed by Tyrique mum’s Jaime and brother Mehki.

Speaking about Ella, Tyrique’s mum says: “She seems lovely. You two are a power couple. Match made in heaven.”

Over at the fire pit, Ella is discussing Casa Amor with her mum and sister. Her mum says: “Ty needed to see that.”

But as Tyrique heads over to meet Ella’s mum and sister, his mum asks: “Have we got to get a hat? A wedding hat?” Could wedding bells be on the horizon?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Aftersun follows at 10pm.


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