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Casa Amor is back!

As the latest batch of boys enter the brand new Casa Amor Villa the girls' eyes light up making their presence felt immediately.

Ella is quick to spot new arrival Ouzy as she says: “As soon as they said Ouzy, I knew that was going to be you”, as it transpires the two met previously on a modelling photoshoot.

Ella later tells the girls the two have flirted before and when they initially met she had fancied him.

The boys are quick to crack on and are keen to get to know the girls, as well as working out who is closed off.

With introductions out of the way, the fun soon starts as the boys and girls get further acquainted over some music and dancing.

As the evening unfolds the boys get grafting and chat to the girls. Zachary instantly has eyes for Jess as he wants to know if she’s open to exploring new connections.

Elom sets his sights on Catherine as he says: “I’m more of a person that works on connection…I'll be pulling you for a chat more often. You're a vibe.”

Lochan seems to like Whitney, exploring if the two are looking for the same things Whitney says: “I know what I want and I am not into settling…hence why I am single.”

Is Lochan what Whitney wants?

As the night draws to a close, talk turns to sleeping arrangements, but who will be sharing a bed?

It seems to be an eventful night for some as two Islanders get cosy sharing an all night cuddle.


The next morning, the mood in the Villa is quiet and sombre as the boys are starting to reflect on the girls departure.

Not before long the new girls make their way into the Villa alongside a surprise arrival. Sammy is quick to comment: “That girl looks so much like Molly.”

The boys jump up to welcome the new Islanders but are left stunned to see Molly return. Mitch turns to Zach as he gasps: “Zach…what is going on…?”

The last person the boys expected to see was Molly, but it appears her return has had the biggest impact on former flame Zach as he admits her arrival has caught him off guard and at a complete loss for words.

The two awkwardly hug as Molly tells him, “I think we need to talk, Zach.”

Gathering at the fire pit the new girls introduce themselves. Tyrique is the only boy to declare himself closed off. When asked about Ella, he says: “We had a date the other day and we closed things off…I miss the game a little bit here and there sometimes.”

Although admittedly closed off, can the Casa Amor girls tempt Tyrique to return to the game?

Sammy seems keen to set the tone as he tells both the girls and boys around the fire pit: “I think it’s defo going to put spanners in a couple of situations but at the end of the day it’s Casa. No one’s scared to tread on any toes? You’re here to get something?”

Which girls will the boys turn their attention to and whose head will turn in the ultimate relationship test?


Following her unexpected arrival Zach pulls Molly for a chat.

Molly says: “Zach, Zach, Zach…I’m really confused I’m not going to lie. When I left, we didn't get a chance to speak much, did we. As soon as I left, all I’ve been saying is I’m waiting, I’m waiting for him and now I’m just so confused. I just wonder if you’ve still been thinking of me? Or am I not in your mind anymore?”

Will the former flames make an attempt to reignite their relationship or have Zach’s actions scuppered any chance of a reconciliation?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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