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As Maxwell’s conversation with Casey has come to light alongside an admission from Olivia about her doubting how genuine Jessie is, Will is keen to get to the bottom of the story.

Pulling Maxwell for a chat, Will says: “Max, can we have a chat mate? I’m livid, I’m not going to lie. I’ve just been pulled and told that you said Jessie was fake. Where is this all coming from? What’s everyone saying because I’m completely confused why this word fake is going around.”

Maxwell goes on to explain the conversation he had earlier with Casey, as Jessie walks past him and Will whilst seemingly unaware of what’s going on. Claudia calls her over and says: “Jessie, come here.”

Samie and Claudia then bring Jessie up to the terrace as Samie tells her: “Babe, this is bizarre but you just need to hear us out before you react.” Claudia explains to Jessie: “Maxwell has pulled Casey for a chat and said ‘I think she’s fake’, then Liv comes over and has apparently been talking to Lana and everyone about how they think the same thing about you and that some of your intentions aren’t genuine.”

Jessie asks: “So who has it come from, Liv do you reckon? Are the other girls buying into it or not saying anything?” How will this revelation impact Jessie’s friendships with her fellow Islanders?


After catching up with Samie and Claudia, Jessie is keen to gain clarity on the situation as she heads to the fire pit to speak with Olivia. As all the girls in the Villa gather around, Jessie asks: “What’s going on?”

Claudia adds: “Let’s just clear the air because us girls are meant to stick together.” Lana says: “First of all, can I just say this doesn’t need to be a screaming match, this is a lot of over nothing.”

As the conversation gets underway, Jessie says: “I’ve just come back from a chat with Casey and everyone in the Villa says that everyones talking about something and I’m very confused. I’ve stood by all of you, even on Movie Night, I stood up for all of you girls.”

Claudia says: “The word fake was used.” Olivia interjects: “I never said fake, please don’t say I’ve said fake because I didn’t. I just don’t think this is a conversation we need to have between all of us.”

Jessie asks Olivia: “Well Liv, would you like to have a conversation just us?” Olivia responds: “Not really, not right now.” Jessie says: “So you’re happy to walk over to the day beds and speak to a whole group of people about how you think I’m questionable but not have a discussion with me.”

Olivia tells Jessie: “It’s not just me though, you’re coming at me.” How will the rest of the evening unfold now that Jessie knows what Olivia has said about her?


Later that evening Keanan has something he wants to tell Casey, as they catch up he admits: “I’ve come to let you know that obviously it’s quite clear I do fancy Rosie, I just wanted to let you know. I just thought I’d tell you before she tells you.”

After their conversation Casey heads to the snug where he is joined by Rosie, opening his arms he says: “Come here, come and avoid the drama. I literally came in tonight and was like I can’t wait to chill with Rosie, take her to the terrace, get a little kiss and then I hear Keanan fancies you.”

Rosie says: “Let’s just close that for now?” Casey questions: “For now?” Is Rosie completely closed off from Keanan or is she going to keep her options open? Over at the mini fire pit, Kai asks Keanan: “I’m actually buzzing for you, what’s your game plan now?”

Keanan replies: “She’s up there with Casey now and he’s definitely going to try and lips her, if he does that tonight it puts me one step behind.” As Rosie and Casey continue to talk in private they share a snog. What will Keanan make of this and will he up his game to compete with Casey for Rosie’s affections?


It’s a new day in the Villa and the Islanders receive a text, it reads: “Islanders, It’s time for you to get ready and leave the Villa, as you’re off to the Island Beach Club to party! #SunSandAndSecrets #StayOutTheShade.”

Excitement sweeps throughout the Villa as the Islanders rush to get ready for the Beach Club. As they arrive the Islanders toast to an exciting day whilst dancing by the pool as well as catching up with their couples to discuss recent villa ongoings.

Keanan and Claudia catch up and he tells her about Casey’s kiss with Rosie to which Claudia says: “I feel like I need to have a chat with him because it’s cut deep, he’s literally pushed me to the side, completely disowned my feelings, I think it’s really rude.”

Claudia heads over to Casey and Rosie and says: “I feel like I’ve been very disrespected. I found out that you’ve both kissed last night, and I’m hearing it from Keanan who then has been disrespected as well because he’s told Rosie he liked her and you’ve gone and kissed her anyway, you don’t care about my feelings.”

How will Casey and Rosie respond to Claudia in light of her finding out about their kiss? Elsewhere, Kai opens up to Sanam about his feelings as he has something he wants to tell her. What is it and how will she react? Another couple talk exclusivity, who’s ready to make the next step?


As the Islanders dance into the night at the Beach Club, unbeknownst to them Maya is about to make an unexpected entrance.

Appearing on the balcony of the Beach Club Maya says: “You all look like you’re having a cute little time, sorry to crash the party, could you all line up in your couples please.”

The Islanders line up as Maya goes on to explain: “I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves why I’m here, I’ve got some very important news. The public have been voting for the most compatible couple. The couples with the fewest votes risk being dumped from the Island tonight.”

Which couples have received the fewest votes and are therefore at risk of being dumped from the Island?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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