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It’s the word guessing game that’s got the whole nation on tenterhooks, and now audiences are about to get double the fun, as Lingo returns for an extended daytime run.

Adil Ray OBE returns to host a third series of the nail-biting, hit daytime format, which, with a peak audience of 1.9 million viewers, boasts the best launch of a game show in a 3pm slot since 2002.

The 50 x 60” episodes will reintroduce viewers to the unmissable game show format which sees three teams of contestants competing against each other in a game where being lost for words can cost you everything.

As the prize money soars, the contestants will risk it all in a bid to reach the End Game, where the last pair standing can double the money…but if the words escape them, they leave with nothing.

Adil said “I’m so grateful to everyone watching at home, the entire crew and our fab contestants for giving me another chance to host one of the best shows on TV! Even to those who shout four letter Lingos at me in the street!”

Triple Brew’s Ben Shephard and Ed de Burgh added: “It has been a joy to watch ITV viewers fall in love with Lingo - their enthusiasm for the show, along with Adil’s, is infectious.”

ITV Head of Entertainment Commissioning Katie Rawcliffe said “It’s not often a show comes along that captures the nation’s imagination in the way Lingo has. So it was an absolute no brainer to welcome the series back for another run, hosted by the brilliant Adil.”

Before that, ITV are currently airing a 7x60' celebrity series, hosted by inimitable Emmy award-winning US entertainer RuPaul Charles, Celebrity Lingo (7x60') will see famous faces go head-to-head in the fast-paced word play game, as they vie to fill in the blanks and find the missing words.

Previous episodes of Lingo are available to watch on ITV Hub.


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