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Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race (w/t), made by Dragonfly Film and Television, is being produced by Kandise Abiola and will be the debut film of director and Leigh-Anne’s childhood friend, Tash Gaunt.

It will shine a light on how Leigh-Anne, a member of one of the biggest girl groups in the world, has come to believe that we live in a profoundly racist society. The more she learns about systemic racism in Britain, the more she feels she must do something. But what and how?

Leigh-Anne has experienced racism during her life and is at a genuine crossroads. She is aware that having lighter skin and being a celebrity means she is sometimes said to be in a more privileged position than others. She wants to explore this and use her platform to debate these issues too. Cameras will have intimate, behind the scenes access to her as she works through important issues and questions about race and racism that will shape future generations across the globe.

The documentary will follow her as she meets people who’ll help her address these big questions. She will speak with her family, friends, and seek advice from her role models. Cameras will see her behind the scenes with Little Mix and at home as she processes what she’s learning and comes to a view on what to do.

Leigh-Anne says: “I want to make this film because I have always been passionate about rights for black people. Conversations surrounding racism and colourism are something I constantly have with my boyfriend and family, and as I have a platform, I want to use that platform to bring this conversation to a wider audience and stand up for my black and brown community. Systemic racism is complex; through making this documentary I want to learn how I can best lend my voice to the debate so that the young people who look up to me won't have to face what me and my generation have had to.”

Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race airs Thursday 13th May at 9pm on BBC One.


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