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PREVIEW: Keeping Faith (Series 3), BBC One

18 months since we last saw life in Abercorran, Faith and Evan’s divorce and custody battle is going from bad to worse.

Lisa continues to be a great support for Faith, looking after the children as Faith juggles being a mother with setting up a new law firm with Cerys. Corran Law is six months old, but already Faith has crossed swords with the esteemed local judge Alwen Owens.

In order to keep herself busy Lisa runs a dating supper club, hoping she will meet a new man in the process. An unfortunate event during one of the gatherings sees Lisa having to take stock of her situation and realise that her drinking may be a problem.

Mike Taylor arrives at the Corran Law office wanting Faith and Cerys to take on a case involving his son Osian, who needs pioneering surgery to save his life. The local hospital trust aren’t supportive of the procedure to try to remove his brain tumour.

Being such an important case, and Osian being such a delightful boy, Corran Law decide to take on the case and the local health board.

Keeping Faith returns Saturday 27th March at 9pm on BBC One.


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