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Comedian Jenny Eclair is to present a brand-new Daytime format on Channel 4, titled Drawers Off (20x30'). The Series will see amateur artists reveal their naked ambition as they compete to win a cash prize by creating life-portraits of each other.

As each competitor strikes a pose, their fellow artists must showcase a different technique for every masterpiece they create, from charcoal and oils to the avant-garde and mixed media collage - overseen by visual artist and curator Diana Ali.

At the end of each episode, that day’s artist-turned-model will score the works of art ‘blind’, not knowing who painted which likeness. It’s entirely up to them whether they judge the portraits on their artistic merits, or whether they are flattered or take offence at a fellow competitor’s impression of them in their birthday suit. Whoever tops the leader board on Friday takes home the cash prize.

Jo Street, Head of Channel 4 Daytime, said: “I love the bare-faced cheek of Drawers Off – it’s entertaining, has heart, an appreciation for art and the skill of life-drawing, plus it celebrates people in all their glory. I’ve always thought there should be more nudity in daytime and I’m sure Channel 4 viewers are going to love this series as much as we do.”


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