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The popular Channel 4 series will not return until 2022 at the earliest, after being postponed for the second consecutive year to due COVID restrictions and uncertainty.

Every week, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty were located in their pop-up caff at the end of Southend Pier, joined in the kitchen by a host of famous faces from Hollywood film heavy-weights and British TV Royalty to top notch comedians and world-class athletes.

Previous guests have included Danny DeVito Sir Patrick Stewart Jodie Whittaker Stephen Mangan and Stephen Fry.

A TV insider said: "While many shows have been able to get up and running with lockdown lifting, that’s proved a little trickier for Friday Night Feast. They’ve got a reputation for mixing British stars with international entertainers and that’s something they want to continue...

"But that’s not easy with restrictions in various countries throwing a spanner in the works. Plus, this year the cafe where they make the show is temporarily open to the public. So they’re looking at 2022 before they can get all their ducks in a row. It’s an unfortunate gap. But Channel 4 is very keen for the show to return, with even more big names."

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