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Amazon Prime Video has reportedly commissioned a second series of James May's cookery series 'Oh Cook'.

The first series was based on James May’s first cookbook ‘Oh Cook!: 60 easy recipes that any idiot can make’, published in 2020. The Amazon Original series will launch exclusively on Prime Video in 2023, with the first series still available.

With a title inspired by The Grand Tour presenter’s infamous catchphrase, James May: Oh Cook is a cooking series but from the perspective of someone who can’t really cook.

Across the series, James will show viewers that if you can cook a few things passably well, you can actually cook anything.

Each episode will cover a specific cuisine theme including Pasta, Pub Classics, Indian, Cakes, and Roasts, and will feature three recipes each alongside some quick fix recipes that can be created from the staples in your cupboard.

Speaking about the first series, James said: "I’ve arrived at the age where I spend most of my day thinking about my next meal, so I made a TV series about it. Cooking your own curry is so much more satisfying than ordering a take-away, even though it won’t taste as nice."

An insider told The Sun: "The series got great figures and Prime hopes to keep it going. There’s a desire to film multiple series, a bit like what Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have achieved over the years."

The new series begins filming later this year and is expected to land in 2023.


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