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As 2021 sees The Queen celebrate her 95th birthday, ITV is marking the occasion with a series of documentaries looking back at The Queen’s life and sharing unique footage, stories and memories from those who have been by her side throughout her time as the monarch.

The Queen & Her Cousins

In this brand-new documentary, presenter Alexander Armstrong meets the royal cousins who share details about their most famous relative and reveal what it’s like to be part of this extraordinary family. Sharing private letters, personal photos and rare memorabilia, they recount treasured memories for the first time and Alexander learns more about royal life in modern Britain.

And, as he takes viewers on a road trip through the country and the dynasties, Alexander reveals he may have uncovered a new cousin who can take their place in the royal family tree.

The Queen Unseen

The Queen’s coronation, televised to a vast global audience, made her the most famous woman in the world. But her anointment, the moment she became Queen Elizabeth II, was so sacred it was hidden and not allowed to be filmed. From this point on, the woman her subjects had grown to love, changed. The crown became a mask. The divide between public and private so complete she even has two birthdays. Now, using rarely seen private footage, intimate informal archive and newly digitised material from the 116 countries she has visited, the mask she put on in 1953 will be lifted.

Viewers will discover The Queen as a mother, wife, animal-lover, farmer, cook, comedian. This intimate footage shows her true passions and the unlikely, unknown friendships she has forged away from the public eye. There are interviews with those who know her and have worked alongside her and expert clinical psychologists who compare footage from before she became queen with the guarded body language she adopted afterwards.

They identify key body language ‘tells’ that reveal her true emotional state during famous moments like the famous Annus Horribilis speech. This is The Queen as she has never been seen before.

My Years With The Queen: Four Weddings and a Funeral… and a Coronation

In this one off documentary, Lady Pamela Hicks talks for the first time on television about her incredible life growing up within The Royal Family and her close relationship with The Queen. Lady Pamela is the daughter of Lord Louis Mountbatten, great great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, cousin to Prince Philip and second cousin to The Queen.

She is uniquely placed to document her memories of her years with The Queen, whether as her childhood friend, bridesmaid or as her Lady in Waiting. In the film, Lady Pamela tells her daughter, India, who was bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, personal stories and anecdotes about The Queen as she looks back through unseen photos and diaries she kept during the key moments of The Queen’s reign.

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