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ITV has confirmed today (12th June) the seven politicians who will appear for its General Election multi-party debate on Thursday, 13th June at 8.30pm. The ITV Election Debate 2024 will be broadcast on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player.

Leaders or senior representatives from the following parties will participate as follows; Penny Mordaunt for Conservative Party, Angela Rayner for Labour Party, Daisy Cooper for Liberal Democrats, Stephen Flynn for SNP, Nigel Farage for Reform UK, Carla Denyer for Green Party and Rhun ap Iorwerth for Plaid Cymru.

Standing positions for the debate have been decided, after lots were drawn.

Each party’s representative will stand behind podiums on the stage in the order of (L-R) Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservative, Green Party, Reform UK, SNP, Plaid Cymru. 

The debate will be moderated by Julie Etchingham, who moderated Sunak v Starmer:The ITV Debate earlier in this campaign and previous ITV election debates in 2015, 2017 and 2019. 

The programme will run for 90 minutes. It will be followed by ITV News at Ten.


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