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The Sun report that ITV have reportedly secured a 'fly-on-the-wall documentary' following Prince William.

In the new series, cameras will reportedly follow the heir to the throne as he travels around the country as part of his homelessness initiative. The series is billed as the public's "most intimate and candid insight" to the life of the senior royal ever. The Sun reports that the series is set to land on ITV later this year.

A 'source' told The Sun: "This is pretty extraordinary — it’s never been done before. Generally access to senior royals is very limited and totally controlled, but William clearly wants to change that...

"He’s keen to highlight his work, particularly on a homeless project which was a subject very close to his mother’s heart, and to connect with the public on a new level. He knows all too well how important it is that the monarchy develops a more modern relationship with the British people...

"TV is a great way to do that, but this is a dramatic contrast to what Harry has been doing. William has invited cameras to follow him as he fulfils his duties, giving a proper insight into himself and his work as Prince of Wales — this isn’t anything like his brother’s TV appearances."

More details will be announced in due course.

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