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From 1st November, ITV will be dedicating its schedule to a week of climate related programming and the nations first televised Climate Action Week.

ITV say: "At ITV, we want to make the biggest shows with the smallest footprint, whilst inspiring our viewers with tangible ways they can reduce their carbon footprint at home. COP26 2021 will be the biggest environmental cultural moment of the year and a huge opportunity for ITV to help change the UK’s Climate Change culture for good."

One of the programmes is thought to be new documentary with Joanna Lumley where she meets adventurer Sacha Dench as she flies – green-powered – all around Britain’s coast in search of climate change solutions, with Joanna Lumley who lends her an enthusiastic hand.

Joanna shadows Sacha – aka ‘The Human Swan’ – as she attempts to set a new world record with a powerful purpose. Over several weeks Sacha plans to clock up unprecedented mileage, as she circumnavigates Britain with her prototype low-carbon electric paramotor. Along the way Joanna will team up with Sacha as they meet inspirational people, all helping to drive the green revolution: scientists, entrepreneurs, divers, rangers and families.


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