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Amanda Holden and Alan Carr are set to pact their boiler suits once again for a third series of their hit BBC One series, according to The Sun.

However, Alan Carr told The Sun that if the series was to return, it would be in a different location. The first two series have seen the pair purchase a one-euro house in the idyllic region of northern Tuscany in Italy.

Alan told The Sun: "We’ve loved making two series of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job, but we’re not doing a third there — we’ve done enough Italy now. I had a great time performing stand-up in Lisbon recently, so maybe the plan could be to restore a house in Portugal."

The first series proved a big hit with viewers, consolidating at an average audience of 3.9 million across eight episodes, with 1.3M coming via iPlayer, and peaking at 4.6m for the most watched episode.

Amanda Holden said of the second series: “I’m obviously absolutely delighted that Alan and I have been given a second series of a show that we created together. This time I’m considering ditching my nail extensions but I’ll certainly be keeping the lashes!..

"I’ve got the Aperol Spritz on ice and I’m being fitted for a new boiler suit as we speak! I adore Alan and this job suits us both perfectly. The sweetest thing about it all is that we can continue to raise more money for charities that make a huge difference to the lives of so many.”

Alan Carr said of the second series: “So excited to be returning to Italy with my good friend Amanda for more blood sweat and tiles. Can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and transform another Euro house. What could possible go wrong?!!”

Amanda & Alan's Italian Job airs Fridays at 8:30pm, with the full series available now on BBC iPlayer.


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