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Twin sisters Marieme and Ndeye were born conjoined. Faced with the prospect of losing the weaker of the two girls if medics operated and a very low life expectancy if they didn’t, their father Ibrahima and medical staff made the gut-wrenching decision not to separate them.

Now, aged 7 and living in Cardiff, the girls are thriving and continue to defy the medical odds stacked against them.

Inseparable Sisters is an intimate, emotive and uplifting film for BBC One, BBC One Wales and iPlayer that shines a light on the girls’ unbreakable bond and the resolve of their devoted father, Ibrahima.

In 2017, he left his successful career in Senegal behind in search of vital medical care for the girls. Now based in Cardiff, he dedicates his life to them and counts each day together as a blessing.

The 1x40’ documentary charts the twins’ as they go about their everyday lives. Through hospital appointments, clothes fittings and their life at mainstream school, we’ll meet the support staff, medical teams and friends who care so much for them. All whilst getting to know the girls’ individual personalities and infectious spirits.

Christina Macaulay, Commissioning Editor for BBC Wales says: "At the heart of Inseparable Sisters lies a story of love, resilience and the true joy of living that shines through Ibrahima and the girls. BBC Wales Today anchor Lucy Owen has followed Marieme and Ndeye’s story for a number of years and we are delighted to have worked with her to share this powerful film with BBC audiences across Wales and the wider network."

Lucy Owen, producer and BBC Wales Today anchor says: "I feel truly humbled that this extraordinary family have trusted us to tell their remarkable story. It was Ibrahima’s wish for this film to show the courage of his children and to give hope to other families in similar situations. I hope we have been able to deliver this for him. His selflessness and his realisation that being a parent to these wonderful girls is his life’s purpose, I believe, is an inspiration to all of us."

The film will air on BBC One and iPlayer next month.


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