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Lesley Manville CBE is the latest star to join the cast of Dominic Savage’s critically acclaimed anthology series, I Am. The story was developed in collaboration with the Oscar-nominated actor, who was recently among those in the arts named in Britain’s New Year honours list. Manville will be joined by co-stars Michael Gould and Gershwyn Eustache Jnr.

Produced by Emmy winning Me+You Productions, the brand new 3 x 60” series entered production last year with I Am Victoria, starring BAFTA-winning actress Suranne Jones, alongside Ashely Walters. I Am Victoria is a powerful meditation on the anxieties that often lie beneath a veneer of happiness and success. Suranne Jones portrays a woman weighed down by life's pressures and in need of help, but unsure of where to seek it.

I Am Danielle also wrapped filming last year, starring BAFTA Rising Star Award-winner Letitia Wright in the lead role. I Am Danielle, which co-stars CJ Beckford and Sophia Brown, is a compelling reflection on the trials of young love and in the age of social media, where trust and betrayal go hand in hand.

In developing each episode of this new three-part series, Dominic Savage collaborated with the respective leading actors, for whom each of the stories holds a deep, personal resonance. The stories are told with improvised dialogue and evoke personal and universal themes, expressed in moments of intimacy, emotion and despair.

On joining the cast of I Am Maria, Lesley Manville said: “For me collaboration is everything. To be able to combine different creative minds and produce a work of drama is a thrilling privilege. Dominic and I have spent the past few months developing a character and scenario that will touch many people I know. This kind of work is not new to me and I’m relishing the chance to flex my improvising muscles once again.”

Writer, Director and Creator Dominic Savage said: “I am so excited to be working with Lesley Manville. She is such an incredible force of nature and someone who I have always had huge admiration for. With I Am Maria, we will be exploring urgent and prescient themes that show what it is like to completely and dramatically change one’s life in a way that is unthinkable and heart-breaking, yet very empowering. It’s going to be quite a journey, and I can’t wait to get started.”


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