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The successful BBC Scotland/BBC Factual co-commission is returning for two new 6x60 series, plunging viewers back inside the daily dramas of Police Scotland’s Highlands and Islands division, Britain’s most unique police force.

Produced by Firecrest Films, the programmes will follow the police as they fight every kind of crime in the country's most spectacular - and challenging - places.

From protecting endangered species to searching for people missing in the wilds, these officers go to extremes; keeping people safe in remote communities and Britain’s most northerly city. Covering 12,000 square miles of lochs, glens, islands and mountains, Police Scotland’s Highlands and Islands division is Britain’s biggest beat.

This series charts the incredible diversity of incidents which these officers are called to on a daily basis. The crimes the force deal with range from major national incidents to local, community incidents and on the beat crime-prevention.

The division is both deeply embedded within small, far flung communities and fully plugged into the national force, Police Scotland, for when serious crime demands extra resources. Here, cutting-edge crime fighting works alongside old-school rural policing, tackling 21st century problems that threaten traditional ways of life.

For the Highland Cops, good policing takes a completely different skillset to a city beat. Not only do they work in these areas, but they live in them as part of the community. For a Highland Cop, policing isn't just a job - it's a way of life.

David Harron, commissioning executive for BBC Scotland says: "Highland Cops proved to be a hugely popular series with audiences across the UK and particularly in Scotland so we’re delighted to be investing in its return for a further two series...

"The cameras will once again capture the challenges faced on the country’s biggest police beat and follow a cast of officers who show us what it takes to police such a vast area. Highland Cops is a key title in our strategy to showcase and reflect Scotland to audiences both within Scotland and also across the UK."

Tom Coveney, Commissioning Editor, BBC Factual says: "With the most jaw-dropping scenery in the UK, and the most amazing range of crime-fighting, Highland Cops is a truly distinctive blue light documentary. I can’t wait to see the stories Firecrest uncover across the two new series."

Highland Cops (2 new series each 6x60) is a BBC Scotland and BBC Factual co-commission for BBC Two and iPlayer.


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