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PREVIEW: Guy Martin - World's Fastest Electric Car?, Channel 4

Guy Martin explores the world of electric vehicles and attempts to set a new world record for the fastest road-legal battery vehicle on a quarter-mile drag strip.

The vehicle he chooses is a classic Volkswagen Beetle fitted with state-of-the-art Tesla technology, that allows the lightweight 50-year-old classic to accelerate faster than most supercars. Alongside the record attempt, Guy learns about electric motoring in Britain today.

He takes on an ambitious 1100-mile road trip to John O'Groats, to test the country's charging infrastructure. He shares a journey with his girlfriend Sharon to hear her strident views about why electric cars aren't for everyone.

Guy also works at a battery abuse centre to set fire to an EV; and tests a range of the next generation of battery-powered vehicles, from the world's fastest bus, to a Porsche, and a bicycle worth £15k that's so powerful that Simon Cowell crashed one and broke his back. And proving that what powers them all is relatively simple, Guy demonstrates the science behind all these machines by making a battery out of a potato, and a motor out of paperclips.

Airs Monday 9th August on Channel 4.

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