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In this new, adrenalin-fuelled challenge reality series, eight people who feel lost in life (the Trainees) pair up with eight fitness pros (the Warriors) to compete in epic challenges designed to push their minds and bodies to the absolute limit.

The Warriors have all used sports and fitness to overcome demons in their own lives, and now they're ready to put their reputations on the line to prove they can do the same for their trainee too.

But this is the island of tough love... To transform the trainees' minds and bodies, each Warrior has to push their Trainee through a hardcore 28-day regime, along the way battling it out alongside them in a series of spectacular challenges.

As the days pass, the Trainees get stronger and the challenges get tougher - but not all the pairs will make it to the end of the month, as only the strongest can stay on the island. Which Warrior can get their Trainee to the bitter end? Which pair will be the strongest? And who will leave the island transformed?



24, London

Adil has suffered with anxiety and depression for the past decade and it restricts him in his day-today life. He also has insomnia which means he suffers from lack of motivation. He would love to find better strategies to cope with these things.


23, London

Before being a part time barmaid, Carys used to work at a shoe retailer for four years, working her way up to Assistant Manager. Unfortunately, the store unexpectedly closed about two years ago and Carys lost her job. After this, she now struggles with motivation and feels stuck in a rut.


23, Stratford Upon Avon

Demitri grew up in a Catholic, Italian household with very traditional parents. He was born female and growing up, Demitri was a tom boy who detested 'girly' things. When he started puberty at 13, he hated his body and began compressing his chest. Aged 16, Demitri realised he was trans after meeting another trans person.


23, Northampton

Dylan works as a painter and decorator and in his spare time, he games and regularly streams on Twitch. He also loves making videos and speaks openly about his former cancer diagnosis on social media.


23, Newcastle

Faith describes herself as a typical Geordie girl who has also featured on the reality show Geordie Shore – she loves getting her nails and hair done and going out on the 'sesh' in town. She is also very religious and follows the Christian faith. Faith believes that she could not live her life if she had not found God.


20, Manchester

In her current lifestyle, Hope feels completely directionless. She has had a total of sixteen jobs in the past few years with the longest being three months.


20, Prestatyn, Wales

Melita grew up in a small town in North Wales. Her parents divorced when she was 5. Aged 9, Melita moved to Italy with her mum and brother, they moved back to the UK when Melita was 12. When Melita started high school, she was picked on for not being able to speak Welsh, the bullying was so bad it caused Melita to drop out at 15 with no GCSE's.


22, Bolton

Seb lives with his older brother, Kane, and girlfriend, Morgan in Bolton. Seb's mother, Elaine, had terminal cancer. She was diagnosed in 2019 and was given just three months to live. His mum wanted him to follow his dreams and encouraged Seb to continue his application to go to the island.

Go Hard Or Go Home begins Sunday 19th February at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.


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