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As exclusively revealed on Steph’s Packed Lunch earlier today (Thursday 25 May) Sabre, Apollo and Dynamite are the latest Gladiators ready to take on the contenders at the arena in Sheffield for one of the most iconic and exciting sports entertainment gameshows, coming to BBC One and iPlayer.


Fierce, powerful and agile; the main attributes of a Sabre and also of Sheli McCoy who joins the Gladiators line-up. An unstoppable force, she describes herself as a 'grafter' and trains 16-19 hours per week! She has competed in 5 British Weightlifting Championships events and numerous CrossFit championships all over the world and has simultaneously been Scottish champion in both sports.

Sabre runs her own gym in Dundee, hoping to inspire future generations to reach their full fitness potential. Contenders be afraid of an attack from Sabre, she’s fearless and ferocious, once she catches sight of prey, there’s no escape!

Sabre (aka Sheli McCoy) says: “I truly hope Sabre will inspire and empower the younger generation of strong capable females just as the Gladiators I once watched inspired me to be a confident athletic women. It is Sabre’s time to shine - here come the powerful girls!”


With the cheeky good looks of a Greek god and the speed of a rocket, it’s no surprise Alex Gray has earned the name Apollo.

He started his career playing rugby under 16s and moved onto the Premiership and then England 7s team. He captained English Rugby teams for 16's, 18's and 20's.

He was scouted to go to NFL for his skillset, making him the first British rugby player to transfer over to the NFL. Signed for Atlantic Falcons and then became the first international player to Captain an NFL team.

He trains hard wanting to be the best and has a super strong competitive nature.

Apollo wants to win and won’t stop until he does. Don’t be fooled by his smile and charm, if you’re in his way he’ll take you down.

Apollo (aka Alex Gray) says: "Gladiator ready?? You better believe I am!! After playing Rugby and in the NFL, the opportunity to inspire as Apollo is a dream come true. I plan on leading from the front and never giving up"


Small, explosive and dangerous, just like Dynamite, 20 year old, Emily Steel, is the youngest Gladiator in the current line-up.

With a background in swimming competing at a national level until she was 15 years old, she’s now a full-time elite CrossFit athlete, also juggling second year studies full time at university in sport and exercise science. Recently competing internationally at one of the largest fitness festivals in the world and becoming an under 23’s weightlifting British record holder.

Don’t underestimate Dynamite. She may look small, but she’ll blast into the competition and obliterate her opponents. Dynamite (aka Emily Steel) says: “I’m too young to remember the original Gladiators, but my parents loved it and suggested I try out. Dynamite really does represent who I am and I’m excited to showcase what I can do in the games”.

Sabre, Apollo and Dynamite join the previously announced Nitro, Diamond, Giant, Fire, Legend, Fury and Steel as part of the new generation of mighty Gladiators ready to challenge a brave set of contenders in the 11-part series made by Hungry Bear Media and MGM Alternative UK. They will take part in the ultimate test of speed and strength in a series of brand new games alongside classics culminating with fan-favourite The Eliminator.

Further information about Gladiators including broadcast details will be announced in due course.


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