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Brendan Sheerin is back, but this time he’s leaving behind the sunny sites of Europe and taking the coach on its most ghoulish adventure yet – on a ghost trip.

Instead of topping up their tans, our celebs will be wrapping up warm as they experience some truly scary activities from ghost hunting through to spine tingling overnight stays as well as the odd creepy forfeit.

The first five celeb pairings on the show are:

  • Kerry Katona & Lilly McFadden

  • Dick & Dom

  • Chloe Veitch & Nicole O’Brien

  • David Potts & Callum Izzard

  • Graft & Sian Gabbidon

In true Coach Trip tradition, one thing remains the same – Brendan is armed with his yellow and red cards. Each night, the celebrities will vote for who they least enjoy traveling with. Get two yellows and they're kicked off to be replaced by new famous faces.

Kerry Katona said: "When I get asked to do things like this, I think what a great adventure and it’s something new and something I’d never be able to do normally. Also, it’s the first ever ‘ghost trip’ and it’s something that I couldn’t turn down"

David Potts said: "I don’t really believe in ghosts and spirits but I’m down for anything. Prove me wrong please I want to be petrified for my life."

Graft said: "I took part in Ghost trip to experience supernatural encounters. I enjoy watching ghostly films, but this time I wanted to be in the film for real and push myself to the limits. All whilst having loads of fun!"

Celebrity Ghost Trip begins Sunday 24th October at 9pm on E4. More pairings will be announced in due course.


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