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The family-favourite BBC sitcom Ghosts is back with a Red Nose Day sketch and they have a surprise guest… none other than global superstar Kylie Minogue! When Kylie and her live agent (played by Tanya Moodie) arrive at Button House to see if it's a suitable concert venue, the ghosts get the shock of their (after)lives.

Kylie said of her time on the show: “I'm a big fan of Ghosts so it was truly exciting to be there. The entire cast were already in costume when I met them, so it was already funny!..

"As the show is filmed on location, much of what you see on screen is actually there so it's like stepping right into the home of Ghosts. I sat in Julian’s chess chair, ha! The entire team were so amazing and made me feel very welcome. It was a beautiful and surreal day. I was so moved to be part of Comic Relief and the incredible work they do.”

Mat Baynton said: “Kylie was so lovely and so game for the sketch, an absolute dream. In fact, I'm already wondering if I literally dreamt the whole thing. If we didn't have the footage, it would certainly seem more plausible.”

Comic Relief Night of TV will air on Friday the 17th of March at 7pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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