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This feature length documentary based in Georgia, USA, follows the people who are working to put Donald Trump behind bars and those determined to return him to The White House.

Not only is Georgia a hugely important swing state in the presidential race, it’s where Trump allegedly tried to overturn the 2020 election. Now, in 2024, Trump must win the Georgia vote - but before that, he and his 18 co-defendants face a criminal trial.

With unprecedented access to The State of Georgia v. Donald J. Trump, this film explores the key evidence in the most audacious ‘criminal racketeering enterprise’ case in American history. Using a small observational team, the film will follow members of the prosecution and defence as they build their case and witness first-hand how day to day trial preparation is now a world of body doubles and safe houses.

It’s a story about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. From the employee who secretly recorded Trump asking their boss to find ‘11,780 votes’, to the suburban candle maker suddenly finding herself the foreperson of the grand jury indicting the ex-President of the United States.

The contributors will straddle the alleged crimes of 2020, the impending trial and the thrilling 2024 presidential race. One day they’re attending pre-trial hearings and the next, they’re orchestrating Trump’s election rallies down the road.

Made by Emmy Award winning 72 Films (9/11 One Day in America) and directed by Bafta winning and BBC New Documentary Director Initiative alumnus, Marian Mohamed (Defending Digga D).

Marian Mohamed says: This is an extraordinary moment in history. Having the chance to be at the heart of a story that could change the world we live in is thrilling. As a filmmaker, it’s the kind of opportunity you dream about.”

State of Georgia v. Donald J. Trump (w/t) 1x90 for BBC Two and iPlayer.


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