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Your Garden Made Perfect | Series 2 Preview (BBC Two)

Steph and her two children live in St Annes near Blackpool. Recently divorced, Steph is excited about making a fresh start by transforming her garden.

Steph’s dream is to have a garden that offers her calm spaces to practise her yoga, but also one that gives her enough space to have a party. She’s chosen her lifelong friend Nicola to support her.

Stepping up to help are award-winning garden designers Manoj Malde and Pip Probert. Manoj is inspired to bring vibrancy and colour to the space and packs it with different garden rooms, whilst Pip is keen to transform it into a contemporary coastal paradise.

Using virtual reality, both designers pitch their radically different approaches. Manoj tackles the lack of purpose in the space, while Pip chases the sunshine to create light-filled zones to enjoy around the clock.

Your Garden Made Perfect begins Friday 4th February at 8pm on BBC Two.


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