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Monty welcomes spring at Longmeadow with plenty of changes in the garden to share. As well as getting on with some essential pruning, he lifts and divides perennials, starts sowing chillies and begins growing this year’s vegetables.

Last autumn, Joe Swift travelled to Swansea to join Sue Kent and find out about her new plan to grow vegetables on her allotment. There's a meeting with a passionate gardener at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire who curates a national collection of over 100 different varieties of rhubarb, and in Leeds there's a look at how a shady back yard has been transformed using containers and lots of ingenuity.

There's also another chance to join Carol Klein as she shares the highlights of the plants that shine out in winter at Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk, followed by some of the films that have been sent in by viewers.

Gardeners' World returns Friday 19th March at 9pm on BBC Two, and continues weekly.

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