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Fool Me Once, the eight-part drama adaptation of the 2016 novel by Harlan Coben, with casting led by Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumley, has been watched by over 6 million UK viewers for its opening episode.

The series has been so successful that 2 episodes have entered the top-10 programmes across all channels for the first week of 2024. Episode 1 was watched by 6,341,800, followed by episode 2 with 5,821,700.

Episode 1: 6,341,800

Episode 2: 5,821,700

Episode 3: 5,251,300

Episode 4: 4,888,800

Episode 5: 4,527,300

Episode 6: 4,286,200

Episode 7: 3,739,800

Episode 8: 3,552,500

The series follows Maya Stern who is trying to come to terms with the brutal murder of her husband, Joe. But when Maya installs a nanny-cam to keep an eye on her young daughter, she is shocked to see a man she recognises in her house. Her husband, who she thought was dead…

Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce leads the homicide investigation into Joe’s death while grappling with secrets of his own. Meanwhile, Maya’s niece and nephew, Abby and Daniel, are trying to find the truth about their mother’s murder, several months earlier.

Are the two cases connected? Fool Me Once follows these characters on a thrilling hunt for the truth that will reveal shocking secrets and change their lives forever. Joanna Lumley is Judith Burkett, Joe’s protective mother.

Fool Me Once is available now on Netflix.


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