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ITV have acquired hit Australian comedy Fisk for its streaming platform ITVX. The series, which has aired two series in Australia, will land on Thursday 10th August.

The comedy, which won best comedy series at the Mania in France, takes an "affectionate look at life in a small suburban law firm specialising in wills and estates". It stars Kitty Flanagan, Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold and Aaron Chen.

Kitty Flanagan said: "I grew up watching British comedies, I lived in London and worked on the incomparable UK comedy circuit for eight years alongside many of the current stars of UK comedy, watching and learning from the best, so hopefully I have a good understanding of the UK audience...

"And with Fisk, I feel like we’ve made a show that will really appeal to that audience; it’s understated, ticks along fast, the characters are realistic and relatable and most importantly, it will make you laugh."

Fisk lands Thursday 10th August on ITVX.


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