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PREVIEW: First Dates Teens (Ep6)

The series Teen First Dates finds hungry-for-love teenagers taking their first steps into the daunting world of dating.

In the concluding episode of the run, trainee accountant and self-confessed 'nerd' Richard is dressed to impress in a sharp suit on his first ever date. But art student Charlotte is less than blown away.

Law student Jasmin, a self-confessed 'legally blonde', seeks 'a nice boy who can drive'. When trainee financial advisor Oliver reveals that he owns a car, Jasmin's eyes light up.

Coming from a big Bengali family, 18-year-old Rima is looking for a boy she'd be happy to introduce to her four older brothers. Rima's date is Kai who, with triplet big sisters, knows just how important it is to treat a girl right.

Eighteen-year-old Mancunian Will is struggling with adulthood. So far he's leaned a bit on his Mum to get through. But now he's on a mission to prove he can stand on his own two feet, and charm his date - fellow Mancunian student Bella.

First Dates Teens concludes Monday at 9pm on E4.


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