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First Dates Hotel | Series 7 Preview (Channel 4)

A sizzling new season begins at the First Dates Hotel in Italy. Singletons from across the UK have booked a room, seeking love with the help of manager Fred Sirieix and his team of Cupids.

Ex-military paramedic Gareth from south Wales feels as though everybody already knows each other, and has found dating very tricky. Into the restaurant walks Carys, who he was previously matched with on a dating app.

As the evening progresses, it looks possible that fate has brought together two lonely hearts who would otherwise never have got past the swiping stage.

Next to check in for her romantic rendezvous is Sandy, a retired taxidermist from Lancashire, who's about to embark on her first date in 39 years. She's looking for an animal enthusiast to hold hands and walk the dogs with. Dog lover Ray is hoping he'll be the one.

Thirty-three-year-old Ruesharn has never been in love and is looking for someone who's not boring. His match Alvin is anything but, and the pair share an instant connection.

The next episode will be available as a First Look on All 4 after the transmission of this one on Tuesday 6th September.


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