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First Dates: Meet This Week's Daters | S17E2 Preview (Channel 4)

Twenty-seven-year old Craig is first through the First Dates doors. But Craig isn't seeking a husband and children - just a man to share a dog with. And to have his faith in men restored. Is Luke with his 'boyfriend bum' the one?

Disney fan Holly has come to the restaurant in search of her happily ever after. After a tragic accident ended her last relationship, she has taken the tough decision to start over again and is taking her first step back into the world of meet-ups. Her date Paul is a 29-year-old telecoms engineer whose friends describe him as 'the nicest guy in the world'.

Subbia hasn't had much luck when it comes to dating. Her mum told her she would have to 'kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince'. But with more than 50 first dates under her belt, Subbia's hoping that tech salesman Sachin marks the end of her search.

And First Dates says hi-de-hi to retired Butlins redcoat Tracey who has high hopes for her date with Shane.

The next episode will be available - to stream or download for free - on All 4, on Monday 13 September, following transmission of this one.


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