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PREVIEW: Extraordinary Twins, ITV

This new two-part documentary for ITV explores the amazing world of conjoined twins, discovering how families cope with the extraordinary circumstance of being parents to these rarest of babies - one out of every 200,000 live births.

This documentary features three-year-old twins Callie and Carter from Idaho, who are fused from the chest down with two legs between them, and whose parents Nick and Chelsea only have a few months left to decide whether to opt for separation.

They will meet various still-conjoined and now separated twins, including Erika and Eva - sixyear-old twins formerly connected from the bottom ribcage to the pelvis - in their quest to make the best decision for their children.

The programme also explores the extraordinary lives of the twins still joined together around the world, including Krista and Tatiana, who share so much of their brains they can see out of each other’s eyes.

Extraordinary Twins airs Wednesday 30th June and Thursday 01st July on ITV.


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