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This revealing film follows high profile pop star, Olly Alexander, as he navigates the road to representing the United Kingdom at the biggest song contest in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the months leading up to the competition, the cameras are given exclusive access to Olly as he prepares for one of the most important performances of his life. We see Olly embark on the Eurovision promotional circuit as he releases his song, “Dizzy”.

He must juggle huge press attention, and perform at Eurovision Pre-Parties in Madrid and London, whilst preparing for the big event in May, at the Malmö Arena in Sweden.

A life-long fan of Eurovision himself, Olly is set on creating a spectacular performance in Malmö, and with behind-the-scenes access to Olly’s rehearsals, gruelling choreography and vocal sessions, the film offers a rare insight into the huge behind the scenes efforts required to stage a unique performance at the much loved annual competition.

However, Olly’s journey has highs and lows, and he is under pressure from the start. He speaks candidly about his hopes and fears, and as the competition draws closer, Olly finds himself at the centre of attention with protestors calling upon him to boycott Eurovision in response to Israel’s participation in the contest.

The debate that follows on social media and in the press takes its toll on Olly, just as his Eurovision dream is due to reach its conclusion.

The programme will air week commencing 06th May on BBC One.


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