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Channel 4 is the first broadcaster to unveil details of its General Election night coverage with a line-up of heavyweight commentators and top-tier analysis.

Presented by Krishnan Guru-Murthy and The News Agents' Emily Maitlis, this election special will steer viewers through what many are predicting to be a game- changing moment in British politics.

They will be joined exclusively throughout the night by The Rest is Politics podcast hosts Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart who will bring their own inimitable analysis across the night, and some familiar faces from Giogglebox will also be part of the eclectic line-up.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy is the lead London presenter of Channel 4 News, and Emily Maitlis is the co-presenter of the daily podcast The News Agents with Global Media: Cathy Newman will be presenting from the campaign HQs for the Conservatives and Labour.

Clare Balding will once again be on hand to breakdown the data as it comes in. An array of frontline politicians and commentators across the political spectrum will join the team throughout the coverage to provide insight, and an audience of voters will be present in the studio to engage in debate as the night unfolds.

C4 News' Political Editor Gary Gibbon will be on hand throughout for his first class analysis. And a team of reporters will be at key counts across the country capturing the moments of drama as the results are declared. Going beyond Westminster, and in a uniquely Channel 4 style, the coverage will also include exclusively commissioned inserts from Gogglebox favourites, providing their take on the election campaign.

Emily Maitlis said: "Delighted to be involved with this election night and its brilliant cast of people. I cannot wait."

Rory Stewart said: "I'm really looking forward to bringing the podcast to life on TV with Alastair live on Channel 4 Hopefully we can stil disagree agreeably even in the heat of the electoral madness."

Alastair Campbell said: "The success and continuing growth of The Rest Is Politics podcast has shown there is a huge appetite for serious sensible debate and on what promises to be one of the most important and exciting election nights in many a year I am delighted that Rory Stewart and I will be part of Channel 4's coverage."

Tony Pastor, co-founder of Goalhanger said: "We're delighted to have been offered the chance to bring The Rest Is Politics to the screen on election night. We think the show's regular 700,000 listeners will really enjoy seeing Rory and Alastair analyse the election live on Channel 4."

lan Rumsey, ITN's Managing Director of Content, will exec produce the programme, said: "We're thrilled to be producing C4's election night coverage. Our aim is to provide the sharpest, clearest and best-informed analysis - and we have a superb team ready to guide viewers through what is certain to be an historic and dramatic night."

Louisa Compton, Channel 4's Head of News and Current Affairs and Specialist Factual and Sport says " am delighted we have managed to bring together such a stellar line up of some of the country's leading political presenters and commentators ensuring Channel 4 is going to be the go-to destination for first class analysis on Election Night."

The programme will be made by ITN Productions.


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