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Rita Simons is set to reprise her iconic character of Roxy Mitchell in some special scenes set to air tomorrow.

With the breakdown of Denise and Jack’s marriage tearing the Branning family apart and exacerbating Amy’s mental health struggles in recent weeks, the family attend a group therapy session where Amy is encouraged to open up about her emotions surrounding the loss of her mum. Amy zones out and Roxy appears as a figment of her imagination.

Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer added: “I’m thrilled to welcome the fabulous Rita back to the iconic role of Roxy Mitchell for these special scenes. Although the character was last seen on-screen in January 2017, Roxy still remains a fan favourite. We know our audiences will be thrilled at her short return as Amy seeks some all-important answers from her mum at this point in the storyline.”

EastEnders airs Mon-Thu at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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