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After almost 34 years since he last stepped foot in Albert Square, Duncan Boyd is on his way back to Walford as David Gillespie is set to reprise his historic role for a short stint this April.

Duncan first appeared on screen back in 1987 as the curate of the local Church, and soon became involved with of one of EastEnders’ much-loved icons, Sharon, who sought solace at his church in an attempt to escape from her turbulent home life caused by rowing parents, Den and Angie Watts. Sharon soon developed feelings for Duncan and the pair were engaged to be married until Sharon called off the nuptials when Duncan was offered a new job at a parish in Wiltshire.

Duncan returns to The Square to unknowingly officiate Albie’s christening, and is stunned when he arrives in The Vic to realise that former flame, Sharon, is the young boy’s mother. Although Duncan’s time in Walford is short-lived, his arrival is sure to ruffle feathers as his past romantic history with Sharon comes to light.

On returning to EastEnders, David Gillespie said: “I have to say what a pleasure it was being back in EastEnders reviving my role as Duncan after over 30 years of leaving the show – a little strange at first but “nice strange”. The only people I knew were my old mates Letitia and Gillian but I was made to feel instantly at home by such a wonderful cast and great crew – lots of new friends. Fabulous!”

Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer, added: “It’s wonderful to welcome David back to the role of Duncan Boyd. Although we haven’t seen Duncan for over three decades, his character shares a romantic history with one of the show’s iconic matriarchs, Sharon. We’re delighted to have him back for a short while as he unknowingly stirs up drama between the happy couple.”

EastEnders continues Mon-Thu at 7:30pm on BBC One.


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