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As the residents of Walford get set to celebrate the festivities, there are those who are desperate to reclaim lost soul mates, forge futures with new loves and fight dirty to protect their families.

Danger lies in ahead for Mick Carter as he hurtles towards a wedding to pregnant Janine while fighting his lingering feelings for ex-wife Linda. While Mick is wavering, mum Shirley desperately seeks evidence that proves Janine’s keeping dark secrets. But can she get conclusive proof before Mick says, ‘I do’?

Alfie Moon’s panto provides the perfect backdrop for his elaborate plan to win back Kat. Can Alfie convince her they can have a fairytale ending, even though Kat’s supposed to marry Phil?

The Mitchell hardman has other problems to contend with as he battles to keep Billy from spending life in prison. DCI Keeble is hellbent on revenge, but Phil’s got a plan – one that’s fraught with deadly risks.

Meanwhile, Jay pulls out all the stops to show Lola how much he loves her, and he is determined to make what could be her last Christmas one to remember.

EastEnders is a BBC Studios Production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Executive Producer is Chris Clenshaw and the BBC Commissioner is Tommy Bulfin.


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