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On February 20th 2023, EastEnders aired a first-of-its-kind flashforward scene that offered its viewers a glimpse into the highly-anticipated Christmas Day storyline.

Whilst it’s usually a happy time for many, Christmas Day in Albert Square is notoriously riddled with heartbreak and deceit, and this year will be no exception.

Viewers know that one unlucky Walford male will find himself on the floor of The Queen Vic in the dreaded cufflinks but two very important questions remain to be answered – who is it and how has he come to be there?

Whilst the exact circumstances relating to his death will remain a tightly kept secret up until Christmas Day, one thing is for certain – six of Walford’s much-loved matriarchs will find themselves embroiled in a series of events that lead up to his demise, and in a flash, their lives will be permanently changed forever…

EastEnders is a BBC Studios production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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