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Bejewelled marigolds at the ready as E4 prepares to add heart, sparkle and squeaky clean to its schedule when Queens of Clean (w/t) premieres next year.

In this glistening new series, Queens of Clean (w/t), produced by Avalon (Extraordinary Extensions), follows a surprising and outrageous gang of cleaning enthusiasts – who are tightening their tabards and coming together to rescue homes stuck in a whirlwind of domestic despair.

Specialising in emotionally charged home makeovers, across each episode our professional cleaners meet a fresh batch of clients who are in desperate need of a deep spring clean in their homes and their personal lives. Arriving in style in their clean-mobile and armed with cleaning hacks galore, the team will look beyond the grime covered surfaces and uncover what is standing between their clients and clutter-free, clean homes.

Our cleaning team won’t just scrub away the dirt, they’ll take their clients on a triumphant journey, transforming their grubby home from filthy to fabulous in just three days.

Not only that, but the crew will be inspired by their clients’ stories as they dig deep and reveal their own personal experiences to show how important having a positive living environment can be for a person’s mental wellbeing. Plus, our queens of clean will also be letting viewers in on some must try cleaning hacks to take away and try at home.

Clemency Green, Channel 4 Commissioner said: “I’m really looking forward to introducing you to the fabulous world of our Queens of Clean – a whole lot of elbow grease and even more heart.”

Tim Quicke, Executive Producer for Avalon, added: We are delighted to be making this show for E4 and excited to be working with this fresh and dynamic team of cleaners. The Queens of Clean can relate directly to the people they are helping and tackle issues that should have a positive and lasting impact on our contributors’ lives.

The Queens of Clean (w/t) will arrive on E4 in 2022.


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