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E4 has commissioned a full series of extreme survival competition format, Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home (w/t) following a successful pilot, broadcast in 2021.

Across three days, with no phones, money or clothes, two teams of amateur survivalists will race against each other, as they battle the elements and use their resourcefulness to forage their own food, build their own shelter to sleep and source their own materials to keep warm in the cold.

After many miles, a cash prize awaits at the finish line, though only the fastest and most courageous team can claim it. Produced by Avalon, this 6x60’ series will see the survivalists stripped of everything they own and released into the gruelling and challenging terrains of Britain’s harshest wildernesses.

The path to the cash won’t be that simple, as they must navigate their own route to the prize using their own instinct and perhaps the help of kind strangers, whilst overcoming a series of survival challenges.

Commissioning Editor Tim Hancock said: “Last year, we challenged a bunch of stark-naked strangers to race across the Yorkshire countryside to win back their clothes. While it bemused some of the local farmers, E4 viewers responded really well to the show and I’m looking forward to seeing how the team can build on the format in this full series commission.”

Exec producer, Jamie Isaacs said, “No clothes, no food, and no help, the series promises to be the ultimate test of courage and resourcefulness with the dramatic twists along the way.”

Will the teams have the strength, resilience and resourcefulness to survive in the country’s most extreme environments or will they have bared all for nothing? Find out when Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home (w/t) launches on E4 and All 4 later this year.


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