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E4 is piloting an animated comedy series based on real first dates, British Comedy Guide has revealed.

Blind Love On First Date Island (w/t) will feature a comic voiceover from an as-yet unannounced performer, offering a nod to popular matchmaking television such as First Dates, Love Island, and Blind Date.

Using audio of telephone first dates, each episode will feature the date being comically reimagined by different up-and-coming artists.

Producer Alex Cartlidge told British Comedy Guide: "It's being cast remotely, the dates are being held and recorded remotely, and it's being animated remotely. There have been a lot of dating shows but this is the first one that can show what's happening inside people's imaginations...

"We can show people picturing their whole life with the other person, then watch them disappear down a trapdoor as they say the wrong thing. Dating is a brilliant, terrifying, exhilarating, excruciating world, and now with the help of mind-blowing animation we can actually see love blossom between two people."

More information will be revealed in due course.


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