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The BBC have reportedly "shelved" David Attenborough's Dynasties after two series, The Sun reports.

Each episode delved deep into the lives of individual groups, filming in a single, iconic location, focusing on a protagonist leader and following them on their daunting quest to keep their family safe and establish their genetic line, or dynasty.

The first series aired in 2018 where more than eight million viewers were captivated by each episode, and the unbelievable daily struggles faced by David the chimpanzee, Charm the lioness, Blacktip the painted wolf and more.

A source told The Sun: "It will no doubt be a huge blow to the series’ fans, who tuned in from the US to New Zealand for the second season, and it was widely expected a third to follow. But the programme has now been set aside while the team focus their efforts elsewhere."

Dynasties is available now on BBC iPlayer.

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